R811 (CAS NO .133676-09-2) and S811 (CAS NO .87321-20-8)

The versatile actuation modes of photoresponsive liquid-crystalline polymer springs were designed and synthesized by researchers. Light causes molecular-scale motion (cis-trans photoisomerization). It is transformed into significant macroscopic deformations of springs via a mechanism involving an increase in disorder. This molecular strategy allows access to (and control over) a wide range of morphology and photoresponses in spiral ribbons. These chiral items have more than one actuation mode stored in them. It can be reversed when switching from one handedness to the other. Furthermore, these chiral objects can be employed to perform work. These adaptable actuators provide a solid foundation for developing innovative functional materials. These materials can provide a cost-effective, clean, and electrode-free alternative to conventional actuators. The chiral dopants R811 and S8111 are employed to create these photo-responsive liquid-crystalline polymer springs.